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Future KibaKarui.  On their way home from the market.  Just being an awesome couple… I just got a lot of feels for these two okay.

Future KibaKarui.  On their way home from the market.  Just being an awesome couple… I just got a lot of feels for these two okay.


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Those who know, know.
Those who have been, have partaken.
Those who have voracious appetites, have been angered at the tease and lack of frequent updates.




I’m just sitting here imagining Kakashi going, “Hey, Kurenai, would you mind working with Sakura on some genjutsu?” And Kurenai replying, “Sure, no problem; could you work with Kiba on ninjutsu? Sometimes he has a problem recognizing it in time and…

Naruto and Jiraiya going traveling during the timeskip, running into the other jinchuuriki and everyone preparing for the Akatsuki attacks.  Jiraiya and Roshi training Naruto and Roshi turns out to be the biggest Icha-Icha fan (after Kakashi).  Accidentally running across Han at a Hot Springs and finding out about his Steam abilities, making friends with a gentle giant and Naruto still doesn’t understand why people reject Jinchuuriki.

Naruto meeting Fu and she tries to convince him to leave his village and travel with her.  He finds out that she was treated even worse in her village than Gaara or himself.  After a fight they part on good terms.  Later he meets Utakata and asks him a little about Kirigakure and Zabuza and Haku.  They both get some closure and move on with greater resolve.

Naruto going back to see the Naruto Bridge.  Later travels to Kirigakure, bonds with Chojuro without knowing he’s a swordsman like Zabuza.  Jiraiya only has heard rumors about the Mizukage, how he’s heard she’s a beauty but also terrifying.  Naruto casually runs into Mei, who is tending her garden because she believes in growing her own food and she and Naruto talk because Naruto loves gardening too.  Jiraiya finds Naruto and tries to hit on Mei, but she threatens him with his life.  Ao drops by and tells her she has a mission and hands her the Kage hat and she runs off leaving a very confused Naruto and a very scared Jiraiya who promptly leave the village.

Naruto going to Kumogakure and actually meeting Jinchuuriki who are accepted by their village.  Bee and Yugito are heroes in Kumo, Bee has a team who loves him dearly.  He and Jiraiya try to go in disguise, but they are found out eventually.  Naruto makes friends with Team Samui, trains with them a little, finds out he’s no good with swords.  Naruto goes to a KillerBee Concert and talks with the Raikage about the Kumo/Konoha tensions.  E tells Naruto that he reminds him of the 4th Hokage.  Later as they leave, he tells Naruto to grow up to be a fine man, echoing Tsunade’s words.

Jiraiya disappears and Naruto tracks him down in Iwagakure drinking with a strange old man.  Naruto gets mad and the old man tells Naruto to calm down.  Naruto tells the old man to shut up and the old man challenges Naruto to a duel, but Naruto learned his lesson from Tsunade and decides to let this one pass.  Naruto impresses the Tsushikage with his restraint and gets a little training in advanced wind jutsu.

Naruto actually growing and maturing during the 2 year time skip.  Getting the new jacket as a present on his birthday, in which he is surprised by a visit from Kakashi and Tsunade.  They say they’re the only ones who could come because of mission schedules… not!  Everyone else from the rookies shows up and it’s just a big birthday party for Naruto and Lee accidentally gets into Tsunade’s sake when he gives a toast to Naruto on his hard work, knocking over all of Chouji and Kiba’s meat and just causing a ruckus which leaves Naruto laughing at all the chaos.  Hinata works up the courage to say “Happy Birthday” to Naruto.  Kiba and the other rookies brag about their Chuunin promotions, only to have Neji talk about his upcoming Jonin exam, prompting much jealousy.

Naruto feeling a lot of love and completing his Kyuubi training with Jiraiya before going back to the village after 2 intense and productive years.

Naruto in Shippuden time, torn between going out to look for Sasuke and going out to help the other Jinchuuriki who are being attacked by Akatsuki.  Gaara calling for a Kage’s meeting right after Shukaku is taken from him and getting the villages on alert about the danger.  Akatsuki altering their tactics when going after the tailed beasts, being more like sneaky ninja than cloaked thugs.

Ninja acting like ninja… what a concept.
People acting like people… who would have thought?
Naruto making bonds with everyone… the whole point of the story?



shipping an unpopular ship


shipping an unknown ship


otping something you’re pretty sure you’re the only one who ship it


Finding at least one other person to share it with




So I was skimming through the Naruto chapters…and I stumbled on this:image


And I was wondering why did Sakura breakdown so hard to Karui’s words? To the point that she collapsed to the floor?! At first I thought it was because of the news Sasuke is part of Akatsuki…but then I thought, “That…

Wow, that’s actually…. really good.
If Sasuke apologizes to Bee, then sure I could see Karui as a SasuSaku shipper.  It does add a new dynamic to how this scene unfolds and why Sakura cries.  She hadn’t really cried at other times when people talk about Sasuke, but “you’re annoying” could certainly be a memory trigger.


I have this headcanon that some time during the beginning war, Hinata started having an anxiety attack. Neji tried to help her but didn’t know what to do. Karui steps in without second thought, knowing exactly what to do because she’s had to do it so many times before with Omoi that it’s just second nature.

Couple this with Karui having to deal with her own insecurities, and I think you could potentially have the makings of a Kunoichi therapist in Karui.  She’s listened to so much dumb/random crap from Omoi over the years that she’s able to listen to anyone’s problems without batting an eyelash.  She just says, “I know where you’re coming from, let’s work this out.”  Because Karui is all about solutions.  Sometimes all her clients need is just to work out their frustration, so they go to the dojo and fight it out.  Kind of reminded of Dr Chase from Batman Forever, who had a punching bag in her office.

That is an ultimate edition for "send me a ship" Do I even have to say it or do you know which ship I'm going to ask?


You don’t even have to say because I was waiting for you lmaooo olehoncho

  • Who was the one to propose:

Kiba, of course, because Karui would do it but she was just too stubborn and was like Hell no, what I look like. He can do it and boy did he! He went to Kumo to visit her, and she dragged him to one of Bee’s concerts. During the concert, Karui thought she lost  him so she’s like Samui, I lost Kiba! Samui just points to the stage where Kiba, Omoi, and Bee are. Karui’s like Who the fuck gave Kiba the mic and Samui just shrugs even though she knows what Kiba’s about to do. Then when he asks Karui smacks him on the chest for making her cry in public but says yes.

  • Who stressed more over wedding planning:

Omoi, which in turn stresses Karui. She wanted it to be the perfect blend and reflection of both her and Kiba. She wanted all the Kumo traditions included along with the Inuzuka customs and meshing them all together was a bit of a challenge. Omoi stressed her out so much he was banned from the wedding for about two days then she lifted the ban on him.

  • Who decorated the house:

Karui but she let Kiba have some input…not really.

  • Who does the cooking:

Kiba of course

  • Who is more organized:

Karui, she always gets on him about messing things up that she “just” fixed.

  • Who initiates bedroom fun:

I’d say 50/50. 

  • Who suggested kids first:

It wasn’t really suggested. They just kind of happened. Karui crawled on top of Kiba when he got home one day and just said “Guess What? I’m pregnant.”

  • Who’s more dominant:

Kiba let’s Karui lead most of the time but he’ll step in a check her when she needs to be. and she loves it when he does. Being raised by Tsume Inuzuka prepared him for a woman just as stubborn.

  • Who’s the cuddler: 

Kiba. He’s just a big puppy.

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:.

They switch off because sometimes you just want to be held.

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: 

Taking Akamaru to the park, Training together and eating

  • Who comes home drunk at 3am:

Both together. One day down the road when one of their daughters asks where babies come from Kiba responds, “Drunken escapades.” Karui side eyes him, gets up and goes to another room and cracks up laughing.

  • Who kills the spiders: 

Kiba…..calls Shino.

  • Who falls asleep first: 

Kiba usually but Karui has trouble sleeping a lot so Kiba stays up with her until she falls asleep.

  • A head canon: 

They have the whole “We’re nothing like we seem” thing going on. People think they’re always wild and crazy and wonder how they manage to stay together. While they do get wild and even a little crazy, when it’s just them and Akamaru they’re themselves. Kiba can show her his caring side without fear of judgement and she let’s down her guard and he sees her sensitive side. Everyone is always like “Kiba, why are you with her? It’s not going to last. She’s crazy! She beat up…” and he just smiles like I know right! Ain’t she precious. In the Cloud, everyone kinda picks on Karui for being with a Leaf Boy and she’s just like he makes me happy. They all can see it but they just like to mess with her because she gets all riled up when it comes to her Kiba and Akamaru

  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: 


  • Do they have any “rituals”?

After one gets home from a mission, especially a rough one, the other runs a bath for the other. They bathe together and Kiba no matter if he was the one on mission or not washes her hair and helps her either straighten it, blow it out or twist. They eat then lay in bed and cuddle together. The one who stayed home fills the other in on things they’ve missed. Karui rubs Kiba’s ears and he holds her close.

  • Who is louder?

Karui but Kiba gets up there.

  • Who is more experimental?

Kiba. You know follow your instinct type thing

  • Who takes more risks?

Karui. She doesn’t give things much thought and just goes for it.

  • Do they fuck or make love?

Both? Both! I’d say a mix of both. Before a mission they make seriously passionate love. In the middle of or after a fight, hardcore, can’t walk right, pound fucking.

  • Lights on or off?

When they first started out, lights off because Karui was really insecure about her breast but Kiba was like Baby, I’m an ass man.

  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?

Kiba, especially if he’s in trouble and she’s keeping the nookie in the jar.

  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome?


  • Who comes first?

Depends on who’s in charge at the moment.

  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it?

Kiba’s better but Karui prefers.

  • Who is more submissive?

It depends because sometime Kiba’s like ok, go ahead then at times Karui’s like I’ll let you be Alpha.

  • Who usually initiates things?

Karui but Kiba’s not shy

  • Who is more sensitive?


  • Who has the most patience?

Surprisingly Kiba but he always wants to be sure she’s comfortable.

  • Which kinks do they share?

*shifty eyes* Tail plug (Kiba tried to front because he didn’t want to be typical and want her to think he was some kinda weirdo furry. She had to tell him she’d never judge him.), Acousticophilia (Aroused by sounds), Biting, Ear Play, Striptease lots of striptease, Ass worship, Hair pulling,a 


my Highly Half-Assed contribution but i couldn’t pass up the chance at this beautiful croptop. i’d wear it.

Love the image, but felt it needed one little addition.  I think it’s better now.


my Highly Half-Assed contribution but i couldn’t pass up the chance at this beautiful croptop. i’d wear it.

Love the image, but felt it needed one little addition.  I think it’s better now.

Images taken from oneloverastaman.

Can we talk about Team Samui for a second?
First off, it’s nice to see a team where the ladies clearly run the show.  Samui is the brains, Karui the mouth, and Omoi the muscle.  They’re the only 2 girls and 1 boy team in Naruto, as well as the only team known to have been trained by a Jinchuuriki.  They’re hilarious, and more importantly they’re open minded.  The Konoha/Kumo war isn’t even on their mind when they go to Konoha, in fact they joke that Karui and Omoi might get in a relationship with people in Konoha.

A lot of people look down on Karui and Omoi in their fight against Team 7.  But when you really look at it, they’re a lot more skilled than they are given credit.  Just look at Omoi’s moves here.  Dodges Sai’s kick without giving him second thought, and delivers a powerful kick to Sakura, showing incredible flexibility, strength, and skill with Taijutsu.  And of course Karui takes care of the shadow clone with ease.

And let’s compare mental states.  They’re in Konoha to try to save their teacher, they’ve shed their tears and are here to work.  Sasuke’s been gone for 3 years and Sakura and Naruto are brought to uselessness by the mention of his crimes and death sentence.  Get your heads in the game Team 7, you just saved the village but you’re too busy moping to go out and get results.  Good thing Team Samui came or you’d all be lagging behind when the war started.

But most importantly, look at that eyeliner Karui is sporting.  That eyeliner isn’t for play.  She can kill a man with eyeliner that sharp (and I’m pretty sure Omoi has seen it happen).

Final note - The way they reacted to Karui’s “Destruction of Konoha” is at least a Top 10 moment in the entire story.  If you don’t think so then I question your sense of humor.


Cloud Nin Week Day 4: Helping Hands
This panel is so important. It may not seem like much but there’s a lot to it. We have Karui from the Kumo, who’s often been seen as “mean and bitchy” reassuring Hinata, not only a Konoha nin but a Hyuga. Kumo and Hyuga aren’t exactly best friends but here we have Cloud nin comforting a Hyuga. Intervillage interactions are so important.


Cloud Nin Week Day 4: Helping Hands

This panel is so important. It may not seem like much but there’s a lot to it. We have Karui from the Kumo, who’s often been seen as “mean and bitchy” reassuring Hinata, not only a Konoha nin but a Hyuga. Kumo and Hyuga aren’t exactly best friends but here we have Cloud nin comforting a Hyuga. Intervillage interactions are so important.